Thursday, January 22, 2015

Resolution #2 // Read!


I wanted to keep this blog as crafty-related as possible, because I figured people wouldn't want to read about my personal life. However, my New Years Resolution post has by far the most views, so I decided to do a series of follow up posts one resolution at a time. I'm starting with #2 because I've been doing the best with my resolution to read (or listen to) more books. Make it public, make it happen!


As with my crafts, I also bounce around with my reading. I'm usually in the middle of a physical book, a kindle book, and an audio book. Here are my current selections:

by Brian Vaughan with Illustrations by Fiona Staples

Comic books still count, right? Described as a "Star Wars meets Game of Thrones" and compared to both Lord of the Rings and Romeo and Juliet, I got Volume 1 for Scott thinking it would be a perfect Christmas gift. It was a little too perfect since it turned out that he already had it, so we exchanged it for Volume 2. Since then, Scott's gone out and bought and read Volumes 3 & 4 (he highly recommends it). I've read 1 and 2 and I'm now on Volume 3*, but it's such a quick read that I'm sure I'll finish it within the next day or two. It's fantastic and I highly recommend it! The illustrations are great too, which doesn't hurt. *Since I drafted this post, I've finished Volume 3 and I'm on to Volume 4!

by Cheryl Strayed

I always try and read the book before watching the movie version, and had planned to do so with this one, but Scott and I found ourselves at the movie theater and watched it anyway. Now I'm reading the kindle version after the fact, but I'm still enjoying it. So far it looks like the movie stayed pretty true to the book where it counts. Except that as beautiful and talented as Reese Witherspoon is, she's about 12 years older than Cheryl Strayed was in the book. Oh well, that's more of a problem with the movie. I'm about half way through and while it isn't exactly knocking my socks off, it does make me want to go camping again soon.

by Nora Ephron

For the most part, I try to only buy audio books that are narrated by their authors, and I always recommend others do the same (Mindy Kaling's narration of her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me is so entertaining). Since Nora Ephron passed away in 2012, I had been meaning to read her books, as I've always been a fan of her movies. I listen to this one on the bus (reading, book or tablet, in any moving vehicle gets me carsick instantly), and I always find myself laughing and looking a little crazy. Which is great, because then I get to sit alone (nobody wants to sit next to the giggling weirdo, apparently).

Anyone out there reading something super great? I'm always open to recommendations!

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