Friday, January 9, 2015

Currently Working On // Week 2

Happy Friday! In addition to working on the projects below, this weekend I'll also be registering for a ceramics class and attending a Vintage Paper Fair! I'm going to stock up on stamps and postcards for my collections and be surrounded by [the few] people who share my enthusiasm. Scott is not one of those people, but he is excited about my ceramics class because "now we can do ghost".


Back to the blog: I have a tendency to have a couple [dozen] craft projects all going at the same time. Believe it or not, it helps me to see them through until they're finished. If I work on one project too long, I'll get bored and abandon it. If I work on multiple projects at once, I take turns working on each one for a bit at a time until they're all done. Is anyone else like this?

The bright side is that it makes for the perfect weekly blog post! Every week I'll post about what I'm working on for fun, what I'm working on for my Etsy shop, and the progress I made on the previous week's projects. So without further ado...


browl wool roving chunky knit cowl
When my friend Lola was in town for New Year's Eve, she showed me a beautiful knit cowl her mom had gotten her for Christmas. It was knit with this super soft, chunky, unspun wool roving. I can't find a picture of it online, but it was similar to this style. So I grabbed some roving (the same type I use to make my beanies) and started knitting one of my own on size 13 circular needles (24"). However, I think my yarn and my needles were still too small to achieve the same effect. I was hoping for it to be a quick project, but it's taking much longer than I anticipated. I'll still finish it, but I think I'll try again later with bigger needles, and maybe working with two strands of roving at once.

diy rosemary scented soy wax candles
I bought candle-making supplies over a month ago with the intention of making Christmas gifts, but I didn't end up having the time until a couple of weeks ago. It was much harder than I expected (why didn't I just buy prepped wicks in the first place??). I only ended up giving two away, and the last one that I kept for myself wound up being a dud. This weekend, I plan on giving it another go. They're rosemary scented, which I love. Scott and I are very sensitive to overly perfume-y scents, so it's great that I can control the strength with essential oil. I also have lavender and vanilla, so I'll try that too. [Side note: would anyone reading this be interested in a DIY post for this project? I would be happy to share a tutorial if so!]

cotton crochet washcloths
I'm very, very excited about these!! They're 100% cotton, washable, reusable, crocheted wash cloths. They're not finished yet, which is why they may not seem very exciting to you. For now, consider them more of a blank canvas. STAY TUNED!!

valentine's day cards in progress
Valentine's Day is only 5 weeks away! For whatever odd reason, I love making valentines (even though I don't like celebrating Valentine's Day). I make them every year for my friends and mail them out. They're more fun for me to make and send than Christmas cards (less pressure), so I'll definitely be making some for my shop! I'm hoping to have about 3-5 different designs, and obviously not all for couples - friends need valentines too :) I'll post a shop update when they're ready!

PROGRESS UPDATE: Updated from THIS post
black speckled knit infinity scarf in progress
I'm loving the way this scarf is turning out, but it's definitely a long-term project. Since it's just for fun and I'm in no rush, I keep it in my bag and only work on it during my lunch breaks and on the bus.

tshirt yarn crochet rug
Remember those balls of tshirt yarn?? They crochet REALLY quickly! I got about this far before running out of yarn, and I think I had only been working on it for less than an hour. Since Scott and I upgraded to a bigger bed, I now have some old jersey sheets that I can turn into more yarn. I'll be doing that this weekend so I can continue.

That's it for now, have a great weekend!

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