Friday, January 2, 2015

Currently Working On // Week 1

knitting needle collection Last week in the midst of a cold outbreak at work, I mentioned that I was the only one in the office that hadn't gotten sick yet. That, in fact, I hadn't even taken a sick day since I started at the job back in March. Ha! 2014 got it's revenge by making me sick on New Year's Eve, and so I ended up ringing in the new year using my very first sick day on January 2nd. Hooray 2015! The bright side is that I got to work on some Etsy Shop projects and some to keep for myself.

black knit infinity scarf progress Last night, I started working on an infinity scarf using this brown-speckled black yarn and some US size 13 needles. I'm a fan of knitting thin yarn on big needles so that combined with the ribbing, it makes it nice and stretchy. Should be perfect for this project! I will be sure to post project pictures as I go along for those interested. If it goes well, and I can get it done quickly, I'll think about making them for the shop as well.

t shirt yarn with large crochet hook
Scott and I did a big apartment clean out when he got back from working in Canada, and as a result we purged a bunch of clothes to donate. I had seen this tutorial floating around Pinterest for a while, so I saved all of our t-shirts that didn't have any logos on them to make t-shirt yarn. It was surprisingly very easy, and I think I got enough to make a new rug for the kitchen. I'm hoping to get that started this weekend, and it should go by fairly quickly since that crochet hook is enormous.

granny square blanket in progress muted fall colors I started this granny square blanket over a year ago, and crocheted about 12 squares before I started running out of yarn and forgot about it. I finally ordered more, and I'm hoping to finish it up and get it posted on the shop. I'm a big fan of those muted colors together - forest green, mustard yellow, crimson red, and lapis blue (is lapis the right name for that shade?). Anyway, stay tuned for that in the shop. It'll most likely be in my normal, large baby blanket and/or adult lap blanket size.

That's it for now! Hopefully my New Year's Resolution of taking more vitamins will help me recover faster. If anything, I've had lots of time to read, so I can fill in those bubbles this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

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