Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Listing Spotlight // Baby Blankets

Since the main purpose of this blog is to promote my Etsy Shop, I've decided to do a "Spotlight" post every so often to talk about what exactly goes into making one of my items, and what makes them special. Since the baby blankets are my very favorite to work on, I figured I would start with those.

These blankets are seemingly my most popular items. They're the most favorited items in my shop, even by strangers, and get by far the most clicks according to my shop stats. I've had several friends and acquaintances show interest, yet despite their popularity, I have yet to sell one. So here's a little back story on the blankets...

I've been making baby blankets since I learned how to crochet in 2005. My sister was pregnant with my nephew (aka future best bud), and so I was DETERMINED to crochet a baby blanket for him. After a ton of practice, I finally finished Lorenzo's blanket - white with baby blue and navy stripes. It may have been more of a trapezoid than a perfect rectangle, but I did it. I wish I had a picture! I'll have to ask my mom to dig one up...

Fast forward a few years - I still dearly love making blankets. I take a lot of time choosing the right colors, picking a pattern, and actually crocheting it of course. I've made a couple for myself that you can see below with their backstory (please excuse my crappy iPhone photos, I promise I'll take better ones from here on out):

One of the first ones I made for keeps was back in 2009 when I was at UCLA. I remember working on it during an Art History Undergraduate Student Association meeting we held in our apartment. Akira has since chewed some of it up, but we still use it to wrap him up like a burrito.
Akira with crochet striped navy grey oatmeal blanket

The next one is definitely one of my top 3 favorites. Let me start by saying that (in case you haven't already noticed) in almost every movie/tv show when they're filming something in someone's home, you can usually spot a hand made blanket in the background. I notice it all the time now. Even in Breaking Bad. I saw the blanket below when I was watching Bridesmaids, and I knew I had to make it for myself.
Bridesmaids blanket inspiration
And so I did. It took a full month and all my free time. After taking the photo below, Akira chewed a huge hole in the middle. I was so upset, that I didn't have the heart to try and mend it for a full year. I finally took it out of the closet this fall and attempted to stitch it back together. It's useable, but that's why I don't have an updated photo.
blue ombre brown ombre chevron crochet blanket

However, what I really enjoy is making them for other people.

I made this one for Scott's parents for Christmas 2012.
red navy and white chevron afghan

I made this one for Baby Sanya to match her nursery colors in October 2013.
white pink green granny square baby blanket with pink border

And lastly I made this one for Rochelle's son Vinnie in April 2014.
grey and white chevron baby blanket

Needless to say, I put a lot of hard work, pride, and love into each blanket I create - and my Etsy blankets are no exception. I chose to make baby blankets because they're fun, and make a great gift. Like many of my twenty-something friends, my Facebook feed has become flooded with pregnancy announcements, baby bumps, and newborn pics. I realized I had a market, so I set out to create something different, more fun and vibrant, a "not your granny's crochet blanket". I looked to the trends to draw my inspiration - ombre color palettes, neons mixed with neutrals, pops of bright colors, oversized pom poms and tassels.

Mighty Mellie baby blankets
As far as the process, they each take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to make, depending on how much free time I have (I do work a full time job as well) and how many embellishments I add (those tassels and pom poms are all made by hand!). I make them in my home, probably while watching 30 Rock reruns. Before I give one away, I like to wash them in the delicate cycle with dye/perfume free detergent for sensitive skin - the same one I use in my home. As far as size, I find that sometimes the title "baby blanket" is deceiving. They're actually quite large - big enough to be a lap blanket for an adult. For perspective, here I am "modeling" my most popular blanket. Akira was REALLY confused by the self timer and refused to get out of the shot.

mint and grey crochet baby or lap blanket with large tassels
Of course the details, specs, and professional photos are all on the etsy listing, but I wanted to give you a more personal look at what I put into making these. I hope you've enjoyed! Feel free to share with anyone who's currently harboring a bun in the oven or would otherwise be interested.

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