Thursday, January 8, 2015

Color Crush // January Edition

I often find myself going through color phases without even knowing it. I'll start picking things out here and there, and next thing you know I start seeing the same color palette throughout my apartment. This happened recently with this beautiful soft, sage-y green. Other colors also accepted in this month's obsession include: jade, sea foam, mint, teal, and the occasional robin's egg. See what I mean?

color crush sage green

Clockwise from left: Bernat wool roving in Low Tide // solid jade glasses, a Christmas gift from Kelly Brown (currently functioning as a vase because I'm too afraid to use them and break them) // my Moshi iPad mini cover in green // a postcard from my collection // a paintbrush // and some sea glass I collected during our trip to the Dominican Republic this past September

As you may have noticed, this color crush has inspired some of my products. The chunky knit beanie in the photo below can be made in all sorts of colors, but low tide is my absolute favorite. Don't be surprised if you see another one under "For Keeps" in a future Currently Working On post...

sage green beanie backsage green beanie front

photos by Kelly Brown

PS: Yes, I am fully aware that it's also the color scheme for this blog. That is not a coincidence.

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