Friday, January 23, 2015

Currently Working On // Week 3

Happy Friday! In case you missed it, I updated my Etsy Shop with some Valentine's Day cards this week. I may create more with different styles, but for now you can shop the XOXO cards in a few colors. Other than that, here are a few more things I'm working on:


You know I love me some good handwriting! About two years ago, I purchased this simple calligraphy kit online. I wasn't terribly good at it, and had no resources on hand to learn from, so I set it aside temporarily. Then I saw that Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye was offering a Calligraphy 101 E-Class! I went out and got a new oblique pen per her recommended supply list, along with some other related goodies, and I'll be taking the class this weekend (hopefully). Looking forward to giving it another shot and stepping up my handwriting game! PS: Did you know today is National Handwriting Day??


I love love love everything about these flower granny squares! Great colors, fun pattern, unique twist on the traditional granny square. However, they are SO time consuming. Someday, I'll be able to post them on the shop...

I've been so lucky to have a few new orders in the shop!! I can only work on these orders during non-day job hours, so I try and squeeze in some knitting whenever I can. Such as on the bus, or on my lunch break - as photographed above. I finished up those two this week, and I'm working on a third this weekend! Thank you Mighty Mellie shoppers!!!


Remember this brown cowl from 2 weeks ago? It's almost done! Like I said, took wayyyyy longer than I had hoped/anticipated, but I like the way it's shaping up. I'm going to grab some black roving and try again with larger needles. I would love to have something similar in my shop, but it would have to be less time intensive than this pattern.

That's all for now! A special thanks to Scott for channeling the "Mighty Mellie" vibe and taking these photos while I was at work because I didn't have enough time to. On that note, I haven't had much time to work on much else, as I've been lucky enough to be busy busy fulfilling orders for the Etsy shop - which feels so so great. Thank you to everyone who has shown support! It makes me very happy to have this hobby as a creative outlet, and the enthusiasm from friends and family keeps me motivated and encouraged.

Have a great weekend!

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