melissa hernandez about me photo Hello and welcome! A little bit about me - I live in Los Angeles, California with my pup (a lab-mix rescue) and significant other (an Aussie-Scot-mix human). I have lots and lots of hobbies. I blog about and sell the resulting creations at mightymellie.etsy.com.

My specialty and favorite hobby is crocheting. I've been making baby blankets since I learned how to crochet in 2005. My sister was pregnant with my nephew (aka future best bud), and so I was DETERMINED to make a baby blanket for him. After a ton of practice, I finally finished Lorenzo's blanket - white with baby blue and navy stripes. It may have been more of a trapezoid than a perfect rectangle, but I did it.

Fast forward a few years - I still dearly love making blankets. I take a lot of time choosing the right colors, picking a pattern, and actually crocheting it of course. Needless to say, I put a lot of hard work, pride, and love into each blanket I create - and my Etsy blankets are no exception. I chose to make baby blankets because they're fun, and make a great gift. Like many of my twenty-something friends, my Facebook feed has become flooded with pregnancy announcements, baby bumps, and newborn pics. I realized I had a market, so I set out to create something different, more fun and vibrant, a "not your granny's crochet blanket". I looked to the trends to draw my inspiration - ombre color palettes, neons mixed with neutrals, pops of bright colors, oversized pom poms and tassels. I make them in my home, probably while watching 30 Rock reruns.

Other creative interests include (but are not limited to): knitting, greeting card making, post card collecting, stamp collecting, weaving, amateur film photography, pet portraits, painting, calligraphy, drawing, furniture making, embroidery, felting, candle making, sewing, baking, and more.

Non-creative interests include: coffee, buying and overwatering various plants, stretchy pants, arranging flowers that I'm allergic to, watching 30 Rock reruns, eating Thai food, napping, traveling, and cuddling with my overly affectionate dog and reasonably affectionate human.