Friday, March 6, 2015

Currently Working On // Weeks 8 & 9


Happy Friday! I'm looking forward to catching up on blog work this weekend! I didn't think anyone would notice when I took a week off, but apparently some of you really DO read my blog ;) hehe anywho, here's what I've been working on the past 2 weeks.


As I mentioned on Instragram, at the Renegade Craft Fair I saw an artist who crocheted beautiful jewelry from tiny chains. She inspired me to try crocheting with new materials other than yarn. I decided to try making a basket and got this far with my second attempt before running out of wire. I'm excited to keep experimenting!! See below for my first try (oops).

In my defense, the gold wire had a slightly larger gauge and was loosely coiled as opposed to on a spool like the copper wire. Lesson learned!

Scott got me this loom for my birthday and I've slowly but surely been chipping away at my first weaving. It's a great way to use up my spare yarn scraps! I'm in the process of writing a full post about weaving including my favorite textile artists, and a roundup of free tutorials from around the web. Stay tuned!


I loved the way my blush and black blanket turned out (see below), so I decided to replicate that with another color combo that I really like - tan and black. I've only completed the black block so far, and now I'm on to the tan part. Should be done in about a week! I'll wait until this one is finished to post them both to my shop.


This one has been so fun to work on!! It's only 70 stitches across, so it goes by very quickly. It also looks like it might end up being much larger than a baby blanket. I just ran out of yarn, so I'll have to make a quick run to get more this weekend. I'll have to make myself some craft store blinders so I'm not tempted to buy anything else ;)


Remember those balls of t-shirt yarn I was using to make a rug during week 2?? I'm almost done! It did not take 3 months, I just ran out of t-shirts to make yarn out of. I kept saying I would cut up an old flat jersey sheet to make more, but I never got around to it. I finally just caved and bought some ready-made from Joanns. I DO NOT recommend it - the quality was crap. I still need a little bit more to finish the rug, so I'll either finally cut up that jersey sheet, or else I'll go to the thrift store and grab some cheap t-shirts. Almost there!

I mean how great does that look?? (other than the crappy picture, I had to use the self timer app with my phone on the coffee table - which greatly confused Akria) It's also my first baby blanket that's made entirely of natural fibers (black is wool and blush is alpaca) vs. acrylics. I'm thinking of doing a whole series of color block blankets. As soon as I finish the other one and take some high quality photos, I'll post it on my shop!

Have a great weekend!!

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