Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ideas for Using Leftover Yarn


If you're like me, you may have some spare yarn lying around the house leftover from various projects throughout the years. For me, it's usually not enough for even a small project (like a beanie), but too much to be thrown away - which always feels so wasteful to me. Since deciding on my March Challenge to not buy any new crafting materials, I've been trying to find different ways to use the yarn I already have. Here are a few projects I've made that can be done using minimal materials:

My First Weaving!

1) Weaving! I've already written about my love for weaving here, but it bears repeating in this context. It really is the perfect project for using up spare yarn because you can use just about any length you have on hand. A few inches could be made into a lone tassle, while several yards could be woven into a large block of color. The options are endless! It's also particularly great because you can combine different textures, materials, and colors into one piece.


2) Bobble Garland! I have a few of these quirky bobble garlands lying around the apartment. They're easy and quick to make! And depending on how long you want them to be, require just a little bit of yarn. I followed this tutorial, with a couple of variations to suit the aesthetic I was going for and the yarn I had on hand.


3) Wash Cloths! Best with cotton yarn, you can easily crochet or knit a small wash/dish cloth. It's really as simple as making a square. Seriously, that's it! No tutorial needed, really :)


4) Pom Poms! Oh how I love pom poms! They're one of my favorite trims (as seen on this blanket) and they're not hard to make. Because I was using them a lot for my blankets and beanies, I bought the Clover Pom Pom Maker in several different sizes. It's super easy to use and much easier than making them by hand, if you plan on making a lot of them. If not, you can make them on your fingers, a toilet paper roll, a piece of cardboard, or even a fork!* I made a bunch of hot pink ones in different sizes, and stuck them in with my cacti to compliment the pretty flower. *Bonus: All those links include different projects for pom poms, in addition to the tutorials!

Those are the 4 ideas I've used in my home, however there are also lots of great ideas around the web too! Here are a few that I've been wanting to try:

  • Elise Joy's Scrap Yarn Seed Stitch Blanket uses the "log cabin" knit pattern to make an entire blanket from her scrap yarn. It looks great, and I can't wait to try it!
  • A Beautiful Mess's Woven Rug Tutorial is essentially just a functional, circular, weaving! Another fun way to incorporate different textures and colors.
  • Purl Bee's Flannel Receiving Blankets use a crocheted edge to add a special flair to a simple flannel blanket for new babes. If you have some flannel or fleece lying around, this would be a great project! You could also keep it simple and just do a blanket stitch all around.

I hope that's helpful!

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