Thursday, March 12, 2015

Color Crush // March Edition

This month's Color Crush goes a long way back and has a very specific inspiration: Mexican Talavera Pottery in blue and white. I've always thought it was so so beautiful. I'm not exactly sure what the name is for that shade of blue, so I've decided that Lapis, Cerulean, Cobalt, and Royal Blue all qualify this month.


Sadly, this is the only piece of talavera I own! I got it during a trip to Mexico in 2009 and it's still my favorite mug (and I have lots and lots of mugs). Nevertheless, it's the inspiration for this month's Color Crush. Thank you to Akira for modeling it because I'm physically incapable of taking cool, stylish blog photos - see outtakes below.


Clockwise from left: Postcard from the Hammer Museum; wool roving for felting; acrylic yarn in Royal Blue; California print by Blue Atlas States; paper cranes; talavera mug from Mexico

It's also the inspiration for this granny square blanket currently in my shop:

blue and white granny square blanket

In related color news, I would like to go to Greece now please and thank you.

I was going to end the post with that nice picture of some beautiful place in Greece, but instead I'm ending it with this ridiculous picture of me and Akira.

and this...

Ok for real, I'm done now.

Greece image via Pinterest.

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