Monday, March 9, 2015

March Challenge

It's March! Where has the time gone? My apologies for the hiatus last week, I've been backlogged with projects that I either want to start, or are in progress. However, inspiration doesn't know what "I don't have time" means - so of course I've still been purchasing arts and crafts supplies whenever I have a new idea. I took a look at all of the yarn I have, the paints, the papers, the pens, the ink, etc. and realized it's time I make a concerted effort to use what I have before buying any more stuff.

I saw Elise Blaha Cripe's post for Make&Give30 where she has a similar goal to use stuff she already has, so I decided to do the same thing for March! I'll be challenging myself to only create new things using the materials I already have. I'm a rebel who hates rules, so obviously there's a couple of exceptions: 1) If it's free, I'll take it. 2) if I run out of materials for an existing project, I'll get more just to finish it.

Even if I don't buy anything new, I still currently have more yarn than I'll ever be able to use in a reasonable amount of time - some of it has been sitting there for years. So I also decided to participate in Reddit's Gift Exchange for yarn (thanks, Allain!)! I'll be sending $20 worth of my yarn (unused - believe it or not I have plenty that are still in the wrapper) to another redditor. Will I receive yarn in exchange? Yes. Isn't that getting new yarn that's not technically free? Yes - BUT it won't get here until April and by then my challenge will be over and I can reward myself! Win Win! Edit: I didn't realize that you can specify in the gift exchange what kind of yarn you want, so I probably will go out and buy something special for my exchange partner instead.

I will keep you posted!

Image from Pinterest.

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