Friday, March 13, 2015

Currently Working On // Week 10

Happy Friday! I'm about two weeks into my March Challenge, and while it's tough not buying new materials when inspiration strikes, it has totally been forcing me to finish projects that I start and use up my existing supplies! On that note, here's what I've been working on this week:


I've said it before, weaving is the best way to use up yarn scraps!! I decided to try something different, so I salvaged the gold wire from last week's tangled mess of a failure and used it as the warp for my weaving. It was definitely challenging to work with, but I love the way it's turning out - especially with the negative space.

I really liked the copper bowl I was working on last week (see below), but since I had crocheted it on a larger hook, the weave was really loose. This wasn't a huge deal, but it did make the bowl a bit floppy. I used the leftover wire to start a new bowl with a tighter weave. The look is better, but it will require more wire, and I'm all out for now. Stay tuned!


My First Weaving!
Hooray, it's done! I wrote more about weaving earlier this week, but I'll elaborate on the process for this specific piece. As you can tell compared to last week's post, I took some parts of it out and started over in certain areas. It's a little warped here and there, but overall I love the final product! I even added a scrap of leather to the top left corner because I'm fancy like that [insert sunglasses emoji here]. AND - a good friend even asked if she could buy it from me! So now it's sold as well :)

Done! Like I said earlier, a little floppy but still works. I definitely learned a lot from it for next time. Here are the two side by side for comparison:

Have a great weekend!

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