Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I have decided that this week will be Valentine's Day themed! I have a love-hate relationship with this holiday in that I hate the crowded restaurants and pressure to do something romantic and give gifts, but I love the corny kitschy-ness of it all too. In the end, I embrace it, and Scott and I typically do something low key. If we do give gifts, we try and aim for smaller budget with more thought. These are all between $10-$30, and while they are all gifts I've gotten for Scott at some point, I use and enjoy all of them as well!
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A) Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet: I had originally hoped to find a cool wall-mounted beer opener, but since we’re renters, that wasn’t really an option. Instead, I got this one that sticks to the fridge and ordered a magnetic basket to go underneath and catch the bottle caps. It’s pretty neat – no more digging through the drawer to find the bottle opener!
B) Bodum Double-Wall Beer Glasses: I got these for Scott two Christmases ago, broke one on accident, and got another set because we love them and use them often! Scott likes them because the double wall adds an extra space between your warm hand and the beer, keeping your beverage cool. I like it because it looks like your beer is magically floating. Win win! Also good for smoothies and caffeinated beverages.
C) Hand Knit Beanie in Heather Grey: Duh! Scott had been asking me to make him a beanie since way before I opened my shop, so I finally made him one and sent it to him while he was in -40 degree Canadian weather. It’s the same beanie I’m wearing in my bio pic (because I constantly borrow it). I actually just made one for a friend to give her BF for a V-Day/Anniversary present :)
D) Saga: I’ve talked all about my love for Saga here, but in short it’s a great comic book that Scott tore through in just a few days (as did I). Highly recommend!
E) Anthony Hair and Body Wash: Scott first tried this thanks to my sister, who used to work for Anthony and gave him a sample. He’s very sensitive to artificial or super strong scents (axe body wash – barf), so this one was PERFECT because it smells simple, clean, and outdoorsy (hints of pine, maybe?). The company's tag line is "developed for men, borrowed by women" which my sister and I can both confirm is true.
F) The Moth (book): Do you guys listen to The Moth Radio Hour either on NPR or as a podcast? It's an hour of true stories told by real people (a mix of all kinds of story tellers from all walks of life). We could listen to it for hours on end, and often do. So when they recently came out with a book featuring 50 of their favorite stories, I immediately ordered it for Scott. I'll surely be reading it when he's done, although we've probably already listened to all the stories in there.

I could instead stop getting Scott gifts that I also enjoy, and just get him that Wii U he keeps asking for...maybe next time! ;)

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