Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Color Crush // February Edition

I am not a fan of the color pink...with two exceptions: 1) neon pink, seen here, and 2) barely there blush. Basically I only like the two opposite ends of the pink spectrum.

my colors are blush and bashful

Anyway, this color crush started when I was at the Vintage Paper Fair. I got a beautiful set of old blush stamps that were probably my favorite score of the day. I might frame them, because they're too great to ever use. Oddly enough, they're Civil War Centennial stamps from 1962 commemorating the Battle of Shiloh. Perfect for Valentine's Day! Anyway, from there, as is the case when I like a certain color, I began seeing it everywhere:

february color crush blush

Clockwise from left: Grand Canyon postcard; 1962 vintage stamps; Embroidery floss; Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paint in Peony; Sephora nail polish in Invincible; FIMO soft oven bake clay in fleshtone*; Bookcover matchbox (part of a set I made in college for fun) featuring Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar; and Bernat alpaca yarn in peony

I'm using the alpaca yarn to work on a new baby blanket, so stay tuned for that! I've already gone through a skein, so I'm sure you'll see it again in an upcoming Currently Working On post. My goal is to add a few new blankets to the shop this month! I'm undecided as to what I'll use the clay and paint for...but I'm open to suggestions. The clay will probably be used for some variation of this project by A Beautiful Mess or this one by Oh Joy.

A friend of mine sent me the above minimalist challenge from Into-Mind, which we've both decided to try - partly because it's fun and challenging, but mostly because that design is ON POINT. I originally saw it on pinterest as a link to Bycyclette Boutique, where where I was so pleased to follow the link, read the whole post, and see the image below. BLUSH EVERYWHERE! But really though, color aside, I'm excited to accept the challenge for the month of February.

*Whose fleshtone? I don't know. BUT on the actual package itself, the color says "flesh light" which is unintentionally inappropriate and hilarious.

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