Friday, February 6, 2015

Currently Working On // Home Edition

postcard wall close up

Happy Friday! I'm still working on most of the same projects from the previous weeks, so today's Currently Working On post will be about some DIY projects that Scott and I have going on around the apartment. Therefore I present to you Week 5 - Currently Working On: Home Edition.

postcards and washi tape

As I previously mentioned, I have been collecting postcards for several years now. In that time, I've been trying to find a way to creatively display my collection without damaging the post cards or the walls. In college, I tried using these fun connecting clips from the PhotoJojo store, but the postcards were a little too thick, so they ended up getting dented by the clips. I couldn't find something that would stick to the postcard without ruining it, and if I did, it probably damaged my walls instead. Then I came across a few examples on Pinterest of creating gallery walls using washi tape. For those who aren't familiar, washi tape is similar to masking or painters tape in that it sticks to surfaces without damaging them if/when you need to remove it. It's also made of paper and comes in tons of different colors and patterns. I figured this would be our best bet, especially since we're renters. You can see my inspiration pins here, here, here, here, here, and here.

postcard wall wide shot

The wall is still a work in progress, as we have a few gaps that need to be filled in, but overall it's shaping up quite nicely and it's SO much better than the blank wall that was there before. In addition to the postcards, there's an illustrated map of Greenland that Scott brought back for me from his trip, a whale watercolor print from CactusClub, some original art from a very talented friend, a California print from Blue Atlas States, and of course a handful of Scott's photos.

map wall supplies

Scott and I had been wanting to put up a map of the world somewhere in the apartment since we moved in, but for whatever reason just never got around to it. We also thought it would be fun to mount the map on a layer of cork, and use color coordinated map pins to identify where A) Scott's been on his travels, B) I've been on my travels, and C) where we've been together. We may also do a fourth color for places we want to visit. For part of Scott's birthday/Christmas presents, I finally went out and got all the supplies we needed. Now we just need to put them up! Currently, we're planning on hanging it in the bedroom, next to Scott's side of the bed.

yarn on peg board

My yarn collection inventory is getting to be a little out of hand plentiful, so I've been trying to find ways to store it in an organized way without taking up a ton of space. I was super inspired by this post about using a pegboard to organize and display yarn, so I went out and bought the recommended yarn winder. Why didn't I do this sooner??? SO convenient! Here's a before and after of what my yarn used to look like (excuse the crap before picture, it was the only one I could find):

yarn collection before
yarn collection after

It took basically a million years* to wind all my yarn, but I finally did it, then went out and bought some peg board and hooks. PROS: The yarn that IS up there looks nice and organized. CONS: I don't know where to hang said peg board so it currently resides in my closet; the yarn is not hung in any cohesive order; I have since accumulated a billion** additional skiens of yarn which all need to be wound as well; I ran out of pegs (and peg board). So that's where I am with that project. Stay tuned!

*A three-day weekend
**Several, maybe like 20-30?

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