Thursday, February 12, 2015

100 Year Old Valentines!

Vintage valentine
FRONT: "I expect to see you soon. From, Joe Smith" - HA! Joe, what a poet.

In continuing with the Valentine's Day theme this week, I wanted to share these old valentine's I bought at the Vintage Paper Fair because they're adorable and old and I didn't post them the first time around:

Vintage valentine
The one above is from April 21 so it's technically not a "valentine", but it's from 1910!!! 105 years old!! The postage is also only 1 cent. Craziness.

Vintage valentine
FRONT: "Will you be my valentine? Feb 14th, 1917"

Vintage valentine
BACK: Say kid, I aint a teasin' like some folks will do, can't you guess the reason? why - I'm just in love with you. To May" 98 years old! That May was one lucky gal.

So great! I wonder what people will think of my valentines 100 years from now... :)

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