Monday, February 16, 2015

My Life in T-Shirts

These four shirts basically sum up everything you need to know about me*. For example, above describes my perfect day. Side note: this shirt is only available in men's sizes, and I don't appreciate it.

Design and Content of this shirt get A++ in my book. All hail Saturdays!! AKA Crafturday. AKA Distract-Scott-So-We-Don't-Have-To-Clean-The-Apartment Day

Self explanatory and very, very true. Although I might just feel motivated to run if I could do it wearing this t-shirt**. I'm going to buy it regardless.

And last but not least, the story of my life. In related news, 7 reasons why you're always late.

*Not really, but close enough.
**Probably not.

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